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Saying ‘no’ to certain investments, Why?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Would you like a headache today? 🤯

How about a migraine?! No thank you! 💯

I’ve been talking recently about saying ‘no’ to certain investments, and picking through some of the real Why?s.

One of those reasons is a little voice I hear inside which says, watch out! This one sounds like a HEADACHE 😕

Headaches are a common part of the property, I think we can all agree. But migraines… those are lurking in special places in the proposal. We don’t want to admit that they are there, but they are.

Here’s the thing.

Property investment migraines are all caused by the #risk.

🎉 Making hopeful projections about either planning or demand

🏰 Too few comparables to hold up

🚦 Underestimating the work involved or cost overruns

So ask yourself this:

❓What is the real projected return value of this project, RELATIVE to the risk?

❓What is the true value, when weighed up against EFFORT and the gamble of the downside?

In this month’s Property Investor News I talk more about Relative Value and why you need compare apples to apples to avoid headaches.

Check it out now at Property Investor News #PIN @richardbowser @fionachilderstone

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