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The ASK Game..

Does anyone ACTUALLY enjoy small talk….? 🥱

Those sandwich-filler questions and banal answers that neither person cares about and which drain passion and interest #doubleyawn

Want to create #real connection 🤗

How about asking ….. “what do you yearn for?” as @rbarenblat says in her excellent Velveteen Rabbi blog. Or another, deeper question 🧐

Stuck for ideas….? Check out The Ask Game developed by my lovely friend Pipa and her brother, Nuno 🇵🇹

It’s a beautiful set of 120 thought-provoking questions 🤔 which I discovered on my recent trip to Mexico…. A group of us were having lunch at the beach and the conversation had dried up a little as it can do when you’re strangers… so Pipa pops out her game, we each take a card in turn and we have the MOST delightful, thought-provoking and interesting conversation I’ve had in such a long time 😍 I even found out things about MYSELF I didn’t know!! 😆

So I’m definitely taking it with me to A-Fest in 3 weeks 🤩 #cantwait

Check out the links below:

Order here

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