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What makes US listen?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

A project with a big heart, a PURPOSE, really makes us sit up and listen.

It channels our concentration and makes us really try to find a solution to help make it happen.

As an Angel Investor, it’s not all returns, we focus on USE and VALUE.

Property angels in action
Helen Chorley, John Howard, Nicholas Wallwork, Paul Mahoney and Ranjan Bhattacharya are back for another series of Property Elevator. See them in action Thursday nights at Sky 191.

In Episode 3 of this series of Property Elevator we had a presentation by a young man looking to buy a property and develop a new childcare home with our help.

With no development experience, you could tell he was nervous, but his idea was sensible, clear and absolutely NEEDED ✅

So how could we help?

Similar to an assisted living type model, we just had to get really clear with him on what the phases were, and who the various parties were, and what he WANTED vs. what (from the experience of the panel) he actually NEEDED.

🤝 A partnership (with an Angel!)

🗺 A business plan

👍 The right contractors

Then the investment itself, which would come last in this case.

So for me, it was a tricky one as the numbers were not yet there so hard to see my part in it...

For John Howard, Nicholas Wallwork and Paul Mahoney, however, this was a moment to bring all their property business-building experience into a potential partnership 🙌 to get it going.

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