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Who is that masked man? #theloneranger

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

My article this month in #PropertyInvestorNews is a cautionary tale! Yep, again! I could write and probably star in a cautionary 7 part Netflix series at this rate 🤣❗️

Helen Chorley PIN Article March 2021 Issue

'While there’s something undeniably alluring about The Lone Ranger, in real life, I think they’d be having a pretty hard time! They’d be ‘tricky to work with.’ That mysterious I-answer-to-nobody charm would have long worn off on their first, second and third wives. They would probably have a string of allegations against them. People would ask, ‘who are they really?’ And ‘can we trust someone so detached?’ For some, they might even be a bogeyman figure, a scary bedtime story. A cautionary tale.'

'Something I’ve seen time and again in real estate, is the Lone Developer. Running on self-will, borrowed energy and a growing sense of self-doubt, sometimes dare I say it, self-delusion, they’re pushing on, somewhere over the horizon. They’ve left us all behind. What drives them now? How did they go from team player in the pitch, to a one-man (or woman) disappearing act? In short the answer is: Ego.'

Catch the article now - along with some empathy (it's in there too!) in this month's Property Investor News Magazine.

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