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‘Women make much better traders than men.’ #riskappetite

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Is that a fact, or a belief? 💭🧠

The risks we choose to take are, amongst other things, about our beliefs (conscious and subconscious). Beliefs like:

‘Property always goes up.’ 📈

‘The pension system will be there for me.’ 👵🏼

Or our favourite right now: ‘there are few repercussions to lockdowns and endless money printing.’ 🙄😬

And beliefs like 'women are better traders than men.'

In this case, it's backed by research (although I'm sure I could have said it 😉) according to Warwick University (WU), as well as Forbes and @Hargreaves Lansdown.

Analysing why women outperform men when they invest, WU found that it was due to the type of investment they favour, and how often they trade. Women bought less risky stock - and held longer - whilst disposing of loss-making assets quicker than men. 🎊

Women also tended to invest smaller amounts, in a basket of stocks or funds, rather than putting it all on one stock and HODL (Hold On for Dear Life).

So what are your beliefs?

Are they backed by research?

Do they affect your risk appetite?

Short answer, YES THEY DO!

💥 OUT NOW - My article on #risk with Shola Adeniran Property Investor News

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