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You have to fight for your money

👉 You have to fight for your money 👈 #investors

I wish it wasn’t the case. But when it comes to being taken for a ride by an evasive property developer, it’s not going to work for you to keep taking their excuses ⛔️💰

😡 They’ll continue moving the date

😡 You’ll be last on the list of priorities

😡 They’ll find the money for those people who cause the most noise 🗣

I’m talking about this because for so many lovely investors I know, the idea of ‘fighting’ anyone or having to ‘get tough’ with someone is at best unnatural, and at worst just loathsome 😞

I’ve just seen it SO many times.

The nice ones finish last and end up absorbing all that stress for longer.

I really empathise 😞 and I've been through it.

Nothing about this is ok.

And I’m NOT saying you have to change who you are to play harder.


You’re going to need a strategy which at its core says, ‘Pay me back - now - and I’m not taking any sh*t.’

So what’s the strategy?

💪 Go early, go legal. Don’t wait until it’s 12 months overdue to put your foot down. If it’s too late for that, see point 2 👇

👉 Be ready to keep at it until you see results and your money back. They’re not going to be able to avoid this forever.

👌 Talk to someone who’s been through it. We had a great discussion on Sunday Special with Jay Howard, Piotr Rusinek and Adam Lawrence about this exact scenario.

💫 I’m of course not talking about ALL developers by any means. Just THE PLAYERS 💫

Final note: this is obviously a broad approach to cover most situations, and a lot can depend on the deal itself and what’s already been said/done.

💥 But it’s a good place to start 💥 #intention #attitude

Rewatch The Sunday Special for tips and loads of support. YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

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