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8 Reasons Property Investors Don't Sleep at Night

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

One of my favourite subjects, sleep 😴

I know it's only Wednesday 😂 but in this industry, any night of the week could be sleepless. [My new film Sleepless in Real Estate is out soon, watch this space 👀🎬, we just need a convincing male lead 😅 anyone?]

Sleepless Property investor
8 Reasons Property Investors Don't Sleep at Night

1. Build costs 2021... with the pandemic, Brexit and sustainability concerns, build costs can start as one price and arrive as another. Cue timber 'shortages' eg simply unaffordable. How do you plan for that?

2. Planning. Possibility of, who is the officer on the case, how long is a piece of string. So many things out of our control...🙃

3. Institutional lending 🤪 (traditional lending). No flexibility, crazy expectations, eye-watering deadlines.

4. Poor investor relations. No contact, developers leaving the hemisphere... 🚁😣

5. Financial exposure. That terrible dream you wake from in the middle of the night that saw you wandering cashless around London. Oh wait, that wasn't a dream, it was earlier this year 🤣

6. The feeling you've put too much money in one deal. Enough said! 🤐

7. Overspending. Of any kind 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

8. That gnawing feeling you made the wrong decision. Where do I start with that one?

Which is your favourite sleep depriver?! What have I missed?

And solutions? Keep it simple 😅 spread it out 💰 DEAL WITH YOUR STRESS ❤️. Nothing is worth losing your health over. Trust me on that!

And keep your friends and colleagues close - nobody should be out there alone right now ❤️📈

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