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Inner Critic...Imposter Syndrome

If just 1️⃣ person says...

‘That really made a difference,’


‘I really enjoyed that, thanks!’

It’s a HUGE success!

Although I am right there with this message from our Little Sisters WhatsApp group 😂

It’s a NIGHTMARE hearing ourselves on podcasts 🎙 or watching ourselves on videos 🎥 …and for some of us it just doesn’t get any easier #literally40podcastsin.

And I’ve had to do A LOT of work on that voice in my head (Couple of links to useful resources below)..

I’ve even held up podcast hosts from releasing them, as I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to my northern twang…🙉😅😂- same with the TV stuff!

But take this:

💫 If just 1️⃣ person hears what you have to say

💫 If just 1️⃣ person got something from it

💫 If just 1️⃣ person is positively impacted today

You’ve done a great job!

Focus on YOUR VALUE, rather than trying to be perfect 💓 #perfectshmerfect

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