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Inner Critic...Imposter Syndrome

If just 1️⃣ person says...

‘That really made a difference,’


‘I really enjoyed that, thanks!’

It’s a HUGE success!

Although I am right there with this message from our Little Sisters WhatsApp group 😂

It’s a NIGHTMARE hearing ourselves on podcasts 🎙 or watching ourselves on videos 🎥 …and for some of us it just doesn’t get any easier #literally40podcastsin.

And I’ve had to do A LOT of work on that voice in my head (Couple of links to useful resources below)..

The Chimp Paradox

Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown

I’ve even held up podcast hosts from releasing them, as I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to my northern twang…🙉😅😂- same with the TV stuff!

But take this:

💫 If just 1️⃣ person hears what you have to say

💫 If just 1️⃣ person got something from it

💫 If just 1️⃣ person is positively impacted today

You’ve done a great job!

Focus on YOUR VALUE, rather than trying to be perfect 💓 #perfectshmerfect

#yougotthis #innercritic #bevisible #authenticity #podcastspeaker #propertyspeaker

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