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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Day 51 of Quarantine in 2021 🗓

Quarantine Read: The real Anthony Fauci

As frustrating as being under house arrest is for an innocent person(especially having proven myself to be non-infected and therefore no danger to anyone’s physical health) I do try to see the benefits of ALL sh*tty situations (property investing trains you to be like that 😂)

The benefit of this period of isolation is the chance to indulge in one of my favourite “hobbies”…. #education 🤓

It’s no hardship for me to have enforced reading / researching / learning time - ha, in fact that’s how I choose to spend much of my time when I’m NOT being told what to do! 📚

Plus there’s a sweet satisfaction knowing I’m using this time to educate and inform myself about the many inconvenient truths that Mr Fauci, Mr Gates and the other organizations profiting enormously from these measures, would really prefer that we didn’t discover.

Thank you Robert F Kennedy Jr for a very enlightening read 📖

If anyone would like the link to this summary, contact me ✍️

PS something else I’ve learned this week…. “mandatory” isn’t law 😉

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